Linear Phase EQs?

Hi there,

Is anyone aware of any Linear Phase EQs available as LADSPA or LV2 plugins? My search thus far has turned up only minimum-phase EQs, such as the SWH Multiband EQ.

I had been thinking about writing one, but I don’t want to reinvent any wheels!


Did you ever have any luck? I’ve been looking for one recently and haven’t found anything.

The lsp-plugins EQs have FIR filter options.

Unfortunately I can’t post a link as the forum software blocks it as spam.

@jrigg: you can put URLs into forum posts. They just won’t be “active” (readers will have to copy-n-paste into another browser page). Sometimes, I manually edit posts with links that I consider important/good for the forum so that the links become active.

@paul: For some reason I couldn’t post even an inactive URL. I kept getting a message to say my post was flagged as spam and therefore blocked. If I removed the URL it was fine. This hasn’t happened before, but it’s the first time I’ve tried posting with this browser (Firefox 52 ESR on OpenBSD).

Another attempt:
sourceforge dot net slash projects slash lsp-plugins