Linear glissando

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in Adour 6.9.0 let’s assume we have some MIDI notes one after another, with no spaces between them. Like this:

Suppose the plugin in MIDI track is a continuous pitch instrument (organ, choir, cello, theremin, ecc.).

Is there any way to make a continuous linear glissando between note and note?
The melodic line should look like this:

Or, even better, it could stay for a certain amount of time on the note it reaches, like this:

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you can already do this by using pitch bend automation… although the value is not expressed in musical format… and my assumption is: there is good reason for that (some plugins have pitch bend range 2 semtones, some have range of 24… - and you cannot make it ‘standard’)…

pitch bending largely depends on instrument (plugin) which you are using… and its technical characteristics…

there is traditional pitch bend automation (per track)
and there is MPE - which enables you to change pitch per-note

Ardour currently does not support MPE (please correct me if i’m wrong)
but reading the topic: MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) support? - #2 by x42
it’s still unclear what is possible and what is not possible regarding MPE…

Bitwig MPE pitch editing:

Ableton MPE pitch editing:

the most important part is: how does instrument/plugin responds to note-off event - since it might stop glissando part - in order to transition to new note… or you could simply set fixed glissando time and amount on plugin/instrument(if applicable)… in theory - you could achieve your idea by playing single endless note while manipulating only pitch bend…

Traditionally that was done with a setting on the synthesizer, putting it in monophonic mode and enabling glissando.


Trying for example with SurgeXT (default instrument) or with ZynAddSubFX (default instrument, or one of the “Choir” or “Organ”), if I use Automation > Bender, the glissando is short and limited…I think (if I’m not mistaken) it cannot connect two notes that are very far apart.
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tbh , i haven’t used SurgeXT, but i expect to find settings within the plugin

or check this part:

Surge XT User Manual.

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