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Hi, hoping one of you can help, I just got Ardour 6.6 this weekend. I’m running it through Windows 10 and have the laptop plugged into a Komplete Audio 2 interface. Whilst yesterday and today I’ve managed to get an input signal from my bass at the KA2 and (today) in my headphones (directly connected to the KA2), there’s been no signal showing in Ardour. Nothing I’ve tried has made any difference and I have the correct input and output paths selected. It’s unlikely to be the interface as I booted up Ableton 10 to make sure and I’m getting line level in that.
I was hoping to use Ardour as Ableton has its own issues with playback sound reliability. Help very much appreciated. Thanks.


What does the track meter display? There are different ways to display the track data visually, linear or logarithmic, but the track meter should always show the actual peak input level (in dB relative to full scale digital).

Does Ardour show no signal at all, or only a very quiet on?

  • What settings do you use in Menu > Window > Audio/MIDI Setup?
  • Have you added a track and record-arm’ed it (so that Ardour monitors input)?
  • Could you take a screenshot of Ardour’s Mixer Window? That may provide some clues.

Thanks folks! Robin’s point about record arming was what I was missing. Something I didn’t miss when running through things in Ableton I completely missed in Ardour, oddly enough. Should I be concerned that the master isn’t showing a meter reading?

Alternatively you can also manually switch monitoring to Input:


Probably. The default routing is Input → Track → Master-Bus → Output.

The following shows a MIDI track but the same concept applies to Audio

When exporting the result, by default the master-out is rendered to file.

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