Line 6 GuitarPort and Ardour 2?

I’ve been using the GuitarPort with Audacity, which recognized it as an input (although monitoring didn’t work out as well…)
Is it even possible to do this in Ardour? No luck with figuring this out so far. I’m using my G4 PowerBook running Tiger 10.4.11, and of course the Line 6 GuitarPort with all the firmware up to date.
Thanks in advance for any help!

Any device that is usable by CoreAudio applications can be used by JACK. However, by default JACK wants to use devices that can be used for duplex audio i/o (simultaneous recording + playback). This is why has instructions for creating an aggregate device for Intel OS X users, since Apple’s own drivers for the builtin audio on their Intel systems don’t support this basic operation.

It is possible to provide JACK with different devices for input and output, but it will probably be simpler and more OS X-like to create an aggregate device using the instructions given there. Use the GuitarPort for input, and something else (builtin?) for output. Then JACK will use (or can use) that aggregate device.

You can also start JACK in capture- (or playback-)only mode, but this really requires that you use QJackctl to configure JACK rather than JackPilot or Ardour’s audio engine setup dialog, and isn’t really very useful anyway.

belated thanks for the info- I had actually tried to use qjackcrtl on the advice of another user at this forum, but just couldn’t get it to work. In the meantime, I found another workaround for it that’s been working just fine, and if that info will help anyone else, I’d be glad to post it here!
I’m using a PowerBook G4 667/512 RAM, 10.4.11