Limit audio level

So in ardour right now I am just sliding that bar that is in the mixer to control audio but with how often audio changes I would like to just set a limit of how loud the audio can go. How could I go about doing that right now I have 3 buses.

Hi There,
I’m going to take it that you are talking about the fader control on your tracks - And, that it is this control you find yourself sliding all around.

I’m going to assume your recorded material has a dynamic range that it too wide for your taste, and that you would like a better way to control the level then having to do many fader changes.

Simple answer: Insert a compressor, or limiter on the channel in question.

But, I admit that I’m not exactly sure what your issue really is. Need a tad more detail.


I have never used the fader unless that is what I am sliding but I believe it is volume. It is right below the mute button.

I just need to limit the audio level. Instead of manually adjusting the volume.

The thing I am sliding is number 9

I have all default settings. Only changed inputs and outputs. And added the buses. And the normal configuration you do when starting the project.

Well, then insert a limiter in the channel or buss you with to control this level on. Set its threshold control to taste or desired affect.

Can you give me more information on how I would do this?

These will help a lot:

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