Lily was here cover

Hi team !

I’m back with a “smooth jazz” instrumental cover from one of my favorite saxophone players; the talented Candy Dulfer who recorded it on her first album back in 1989 with Dave Stewart.

Drums (unlike what the video would have you believe) have been created in Hydrogen and exported as MIDI. They’re rendered using a-FluidSynth with various soundfonts to achieve the desired result.
Keyboards are MIDI recorded on an M-Audio Oxygen49 and rendered also via a number of soundfonts.
Guitar, Bass, Sax recorded through an Audient iD4 interface
Guitar has a B-Band under saddle transducer
Sax miked with a Shure SM-57

Mixed using Ardour 5.12 on Linux
Video done with Pinnacle Studio 24

Hope you enjoy !


And here’s a glance at the Mixer if you’re curious :wink:

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Nice work. Just curious. Do you recorded first only the single audio tracks without video and made the single video takes after the recording with the playback? Or did you played live the single track and recorded both - video and audio simultanously? I want to make a cover too, but I know looking good in the video and playing good at the same time is impossible for me. :wink:

Thanks Stefan,
Two completely different activities for me.
I recorded and mixed the music “Home Studio” style and produced the audio.
A few month later, I shot the video where I just played over the “home studio” recording.
Risk is of course not to play exactly what you recorded and that it would show on camera … but with a few takes, and changing angles, you can deal with it :wink:

I find both activities complicated enough on their own; I can’t really see myself dealing with framing video shots while ensuring sound levels are OK, mike positioning and so forth are ok. Maybe if I had an assistant :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for the quick answer. I guessed it. I made a video shot at spring lockdown 2020 and missed the goal. Don’t mind you are acting very well on your video. I can’t tell the difference to real live playing. :wink: Your fingering on the sax is very convincing.

I had written down the sax solo and practiced it over and over so I’m pretty consistent with it :sweat_smile:
There is actually one little glitch, I’m sure no one will notice but I know it’s there :wink:

Have fun with your next project !

I am guitar player and singer

I also use MX linux and Ardour 5.12 for my music.
I find your video “Lilly was here” excellent!
I wander is that you personally recorded as all musitians in the video? It looks to me that way. If so it is nice work.
Or am I mistaken?
Best regards;

Hi Zarko, thanks for the feedback !
it is indeed me you can see on all instruments in the video.
P.s. Nice Blues tunes on your soundcloud !!

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Thank you Vincent,

I consider your playing most artistic.

best regards,

Great work on the cover and the video. Maybe I’m just getting old but it took me a while to get that it’s all you in the video :smiley:

Particularly love the bass and the sax. Great job on that.

If I had any feedback to offer, I would say that the rhythm guitar doesn’t come through when you’re strumming it during the sax solo


Thank you @pjkaka !
On the volume of guitar during the sax solo, I’ll claim artisitic choice :sweat_smile:
I voluntarily decreased the volume during the sax solo, only empasizing some specific strumming parts using automation.

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You sir are an excellent sax player, you are in the small number of sax players who can make the instrument sing.


Thank you for the kind words ! :blush: