Light mill - 2 Song demo

Hey guys,

We are light mill, a minimalist math-rock band from hamburg, germany.

This is the 2 song demo for our 5-track ep, which will hopefully be finished soon:

We did everything ourselves, so any critique is welcome. We are very much so beginners when it comes to recording, mixing and mastering.
Surely, there is a lot to improve upon so we hope to get feedback to better ouerselves ; )

Ardour was involved at every step and it’s just incredible!

Damn you are good :slight_smile:

I always enjoy my dose of Zeppelin and your cover is especially good. You’ve managed to capture the “raw” live sound and the mix is still polished and well balanced. Great work. One unconventional choice you made is the bass is panned a bit to the left. Who says you can’t break the rules. I think it works :slight_smile:

Sorry guys, my reply was meant to another song demo :slight_smile: I had both open at the same time and they got mixed up.

We like Led Zeppelin, but we would never dare to cover them ; )

Hi guys!

Wow! great sounds! Really interesting arrangements and nice punchy production, I often forgot I was listening to a duo. With so many doing the minimalist blues duo thing (ie early Black Keys and Royal Blood) which is also cool, it’s nice to hear something fresh and a little more improvisational. Great work, will look forward to your finished EP.

PS I also like the band name, a good band name is often harder than writing the music :slight_smile:

thanks GMaq! The band name took just us just 1 year of intense deliberation and discussion ; ) so we’re very glad to hear that!