Ardour version 7.5.0 “Neroli” (rev 7.5) Intel 64-bit, bought on the page Download Ardour | Ardour Community shows an error when loading the Vital plugin:

VST3 module-path ‘/usr/lib/vst3/Vital.vst3/Contents/x86_64-linux/’
[Info]: Scanning: /usr/lib/vst3/Vital.vst3
[ERROR]: Could not load VST3 plugin ‘/usr/lib/vst3/Vital.vst3/Contents/x86_64-linux/’: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ undefined symbol: g_task_set_name

g_task_set_name should be in libgio, but this version of Ardour comes with a version of that lacks this function:

$ readelf -Wa | grep g_task_get_name

The system version on Ubuntu 22.04.1 has this function:

$ readelf -Wa /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ | grep g_task_get_name
2141: 00000000000b0fb0 86 FUNC GLOBAL DEFAULT 14 g_task_get_name

Does this build come with a pre-2018/10/30 version of libgio, thus missing the function? Is there a compiled version for linux with newer libgio so that Vital can also be loaded into it, or is there a workaround to this problem?

This may be related :

Is libgio included in any of these?
Ardour Build Dependencies

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PS. Vitalium (falktx’ fork of Vital) is statically linked and does not have these issues.


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