Libasound2-dev not available for SuSE

I have a rather simple question.
Is there a libasound2-dev package for the OpenSUSE distribution? I can find online just the normal libasound2, the development package for my distribution is missing.
Unfortunately, I necessarily need this package to build ardour from source, otherwise I get the error message:
“It appears you don’t have the required MIDI libraries installed. For Linux this means you are missing the development package for ALSA libraries.”
I know there is this tool called alien to convert packages from one distro to another, but I don’t wanna use it; I’d shoot my system to pieces.
Anyway the package definetly exists for the Fedora and RedHat distros, where it is called: “libalsa2-devel”, but for OpenSuSE it’s not available. Can I safely ignore that and install the package for my distribution?
thank you

I believe the corresponding header files for libasound2 might be in alsa-devel on openSUSE.
Have a look at this guide: Compile Ardour from source on Open Suse Tumbleweed | by Nicola Landro | Medium

Presumably the original poster either figured it out or gave up in the intervening thirteen years.

Oh yes, I misread the date, believing the post was made on 9th April this year, but in fact it was April 2009 :wink:

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