LFO-based auto-panning-plugin?


I want the sound of a track to move between the left and the right channel. Is there a plugin to do so, based on an LFO and selectable LFO-waveforms?


PS: Please don’t tell me to use panning-automation… :slight_smile:

I found the TAP AutoPanner. It’s OK, but doesn’t have selectable waveforms for the LFO. It would be nice to have sawtooth, S&H, square for more elaborated stereo-effects.

Any hints?

Also interested in it. Till now i always drawed it myself but controller pan with lfo would be much easyer :wink:
I searched i little bit but didn’t found something like that.


No suggestions?

Try the Calf Pulsator which is basically an auto pan and has several waveforms to choose from.

Thanks. Are there some other plugins out there with a more simplistic interface?


The DISTRHO ping pong panner (which as no LFO or waveforms) is simpler for basic ping pong panning, but the Calf pulsator mentioned by Edward is essentially exactly what you want. This is Linux :slight_smile: how much choice do you expect for such a specialized plugin…?

If there’s an LV2 version you might be able to “de-prettify” the GUI by using jalv.gtk to host it and run that on a stereo insert. I sometimes use this approach to provide plain slider controls and usable text-entry fields for various over-fancy (IMO) plugins. No idea if it works with the Calf plugin, but it might be worth a try.

Yes, I also like plain sliders more than over-fancy GUIs. But the GUI is just one reason why I don’t like to use the Calf-plugins.

Currently I use the TAP AutoPanner which doesn’t have a selectable waveform (fixed to triangle or sine) but otherwise does what I want.

Ignore my last comment. Just tried jalv.gtk on some Calf plugins and unfortunately it recognises their GTK2 GUI well enough to display pictures of knobs and no text entries. Still, the technique does work on a lot of non-GTK plugin GUIs.