LFG - made with help of Ardour

Hello everyone !
I want to share with You music of my band Luminous Flesh Giants.
The project was done with Ardour and Jamin in final mix.
More details on our website: http://lfg.republika.pl/indexen.html

BIG THANX to Paul and all Ardour developers!

I visually indicate clip warnings on my digital mixer at -0.2 and during mastering configure the jamin brickwall limiter at -0.2, [1]. Otherwise ogg files clip when played back through 0.0 level routes. Your masters clip in the playback routes on my mixer; ardour_playback_25,26 (0.0, spdif) -> mixer_31,32 (0.0 and of course no signal processing) -> stereo master (0.0).

The problem could be ogg, my mixer or both. A number of years back I determined ogg was the culprit. I don’t recall what my test was. I’ve never cared because the difference between -0.2 and 0.0 is not appreciable and -0.2 eliminates all opportunity to overload the DAC. Hopefully, my comments amount to anything but snake oil…cause I does despises that ointment with enthusiasm and don’t need new fuel for self-loathing. heh


  1. Signal Max : 31964 (-0.22 dB), that’s sndfile-info on master01.wav and typical of all my 16bit masters.