lexicon Omgea - up and running

Picked up a lexicon omega very cheaply the other day, and it was pretty much plug and go with jack and ardour.

The inbuilt DI wasn’t as good as some of the other DI’s I have used, but that’s my only grip so far.

What kind of system do you run?
I also bought a Lexicon Omega the other day but simply I can’t get it to work - altough it should run out of the box. And now I read how many other people got it to run on their machine out of the box, man!!
Maybe you could post me your versions of Jack, Alsa and your System?
Thans a lot!!!

Or no, sorry I maybe said it wrong: I already got it to run but I cannot get it to spit out 4 channels at once when recording, does yours do that?

Running Ubuntu 9 (not sure of the .xx bit as I am at work)

And - yes - it happily sent 4 channels of audio to the laptop I was using last week.

Ok. Hey, another question: Are you able to record 4 channels of audio while you listen to 2 channels of output (i.e. proceeding 6 channels) at the same time?