Lexicon Omega USB interface

I was recently given a Lexicon Omega USB interface. It is supposed to be able to record 4 tracks at once. I am wondering if anyone has done this successfully using Ardour with Kubuntu or Ubuntu distro of linux. I only have a 1ghz P-4 with 512 of Ram but I won’t be using the machine for anything but laying down drum tracks.

if it is a class compliant USB audio device, it will just work (though you should be sure to run it at 48kHz with 3 periods in JACK).

if it is not a class compliant USB audio device, there is a good chance that it will never work on Linux.

how to tell? find out if there are device-specific drivers for it on windows or OS X - if there are, its not class compliant. alternatively, just plug it in and try it.