Lexicon Omega Interface - Recording multiple tracks at once

Hey guys,

This might’ve been asked before, I’m not sure!

Basically I’ve installed Ardour on to my Apple iBook G4. Works fine, records fine and it records all the mics connected to the Omega Interface. Only problem is it records everything on to one track and I was wondering if it were possible to explain to me how to record each mic onto individual tracks? I’m recording drums, so I want to record the snare/toms/bass drum etc. on to individual tracks.

I used to use Cubase SX 3 on a PC using the Omega interface, and all I did there was add 4 buses in the device setup and then just assigned Audio Track 1 to Bus 1, Audio track 2 to Bus 2 etc. so I assume its something along those lines, however I don’t even know where to start.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

first, disable “auto-input”

then read this: