This is my first post so first of all, Greetings to all. I will try to keep this brief and to the point.

One of the items on my Christmas list was a LEXICON OMEGA DESKTOP RECORDING STUDIO, which I received from my lovely wife. And (of course) around this time was when I “discovered” Ardour and began to consider the possibilities of switching to Linux (Ubuntu), which I am in the process of right now.

Which brings me to my question. I have not yet unpacked the LEXICON OMEGA DESKTOP RECORDING STUDIO because, if it will not be compatible with Linux/Ardour, I want to be able to return it. Now when I say compatible, I’m not referring to the included Cubebase LE software. I’m referring specifically to the actual Lexicon USB interface.


Any info will be helpful. Thanks in advance.
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I can’t guarantee it, but this looks like a standard USB audio interface. If there are no drivers for Mac OS X or Windows, then it should just work on Linux as well. If it comes with its own drivers, it will not work on Linux.

The installation cd does contain USB drivers for Windows and for Mac. So I guess it’s going back. Is there a Linux supported equivalent?

BTW, thank you for the quick reply. Apologies for the link hanging off of the page. I thought that web and e-mail addresses were automatically converted into links.

Guitar John

what functionality do you want?

I’m going to be recording instruments (acoustic & electric) and possibly voice (not mine, thankfully). I really just need some way to interface between the mics and the computer. I have a Mackie VLZ 1201 mixer but I don’t know how I would connect that to the computer.

I searched the ALSA page for support for the Lexicon Omega, and there it is listed as supported ( go to www.alsa.org, on “soundcards” and search for Lexicon).


It’s not guaranteed and I’m not familiar with USB Audio devices, but maybe someone else can have a look at the alsa page. There’s also a page about usb-audio with the Lexicon Omega, there are 2 bugs listed (I think the rest is for self-compiling and so on):


Maybe someone can ask the alsa-development list if the device really works? If it works with Alsa, it works with Jack and therefore with Ardour.


Thanks to all for their assistance. I returned the device. I exchanged it for a similar device made by M-Audio which is recommended as Linux supported somewhere on Ardour’s website. It also is firewire instead of USB which is also recommended somewhere here on this site.


Thank, this is really nice post. It solved my problem which I was facing to installment of recording device in my computer. Now, I can easily assess audio in all my collection. So, I am so thankful for that.
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I believe the Lexicon Recording studio is really one of the best Desktop
Recording studiosin the market and the USB interface should not have any comparability issues with LINUX , have you inquired with their technicals regarding the same?