Lexicon Alpha USB works with Ardour 2

Not sure if this is in the correct section, and I’m not sure if anybody particularly cares, but I’m mighty excited that after tweaking Ubuntu Studio to get it up and running, my Lexicon Alpha USB Audio Interface is fully up and running, recording and playing back with far less latency than what was possible in Windows XP.

I’m extremely pleased with this result, as all I had to do was configure Jack to use USB HW and away it went, even easier than XP.

I’ve finally switched to Ubuntu for everyday computing/programming & Studio for recording, & I have to say, Ardour is an amazingly stable, easy to use program. I’ll be donating soon, just as soon as I get paid :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work guys.

Speaking of latency, I’m getting great results with just the built in soundcard on my machine. Playing synths and soundfonts in real time is a breeze, and I can use software monitoring, realtime fx and whatever.

I’ve been using this on a temporary basis after burning out my 1010lt card and have been floored at the quality of results.

Low-latency kernel + decent outboard mixer/preamps + built-in 16 bit soundcard = totally usable recording and songwriting environment.


; )

Hi! Do you mind to share how you got the Lexicon Alpha USB working under Ubuntu? I’m trying to get it working under Fedora 7.

Thanks. Carl

Hi. I bought lexicon alpha and it’s really great. Could you please tell me how did you configure yours to work with JACK?

i got it sorted, you just have to open qjackctl and in setup choose the correct device. Lexicon Alpha is recognized with no problems :slight_smile: sweet interface, I’m enjoying it very much. I described my experience with Lexicon Omega under Ubuntu Studio here: