Level meters go to top and no audio is heard

Hi there, this problems happened to me with version 7 of ardour and is happenning too with version 8. Sometimes (I would say 3 out of 5) when I start Ardous the level meter for master bus and other tracks will go to the top, no matter if I am playing something or not. And when playing the tracks no sound is heard.

The only solution is closing the app and launching it again (and crossing fingers…).

I am using version 8.6 in LUbuntu 22.04 (Ubuntu with LXQT). I’ve been using Ardour regularly in the last 2 years but this bug begun happening a couple of months ago.

Anyone with the same problem? Any solution?

Thanks in advance.

Is the feedback indicator lit when this happens (Under Status Indicators on the following page)?

What audio backend are you using?


Hi, I am using Jack. I am also using carla rack as plugin in different channels and I have the feeling that might be part of the problem. I am removing it (and inserting the plugins directly in every track) to check. I’ll have a look at that and comment back with the results. Thanks for your answer.

It is usually a plugin (e.g. a reverb). Check which track is it (looking at the meter), and try to bypass the plugins one by one.

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