Level 42 - Lessons in love Cover

Hello Ardour community
Still under lockdown here in France and still can’t play with my bandmates for the time being so recording stuff all alone at home for fun and to keep busy …

Recorded and mixed in Ardour 5.12 on Linux using an Audient iD4 interface
Bass and guitar recorded as D.I. - Guitars shaped with Guitarix plugins
Vocals recorded on an Eagletone Sense 200 condenser micrphone
Sax on Shure SM57
Drums created using Hydrogen
A variety of soundfonts for the synths - MIDI recorded with a master keyboard.

I think this is my “largest” mix to date with 50 Tracks/Buses in the session (there are 6 vocal tracks, 4 sax tracks, 11 synth tracks, 4 guitar tracks, bass and drums (fanned out to 5 buses) plus a whole bunch of effect buses)
A bunch of parametric eqs, compressors, Dragonfly reverbs, some automation but nothing really exotic.
Oh yes, I did use QMidiArp for one of the synths in the chorus. Couldn’t use the LV2 plugin though as it crashes Ardour; I had to use the standalone app and route ports in JACK.



Hi Vincent,
Very good Job, nice video editing and mix, love background vocals and saxs…love the arrangement too !

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