Let's all raise a glass 🍻

I read this post regarding “Who are the individuals you admire most?”, and this response made me think of Herr Gareus and how well he handles all the crap thrown at him :slight_smile: Viva Robin!

Nobody famous.
There’s this dude I work with who is just an insanely hard worker, absolutely dedicated to doing the right thing, knows the ins and outs and every part of the system, extremely technically knowledgeable, and yet simultaneously humble and tolerant. Never gets angry in a meeting - soft spoken never raises his voice, always keeps his cool, even when other people are being blatantly idiotic, incompetent, and doing things that are greatly detrimental to company objectives and his own ability to get his own work done. He’s tolerant to a fault, really. How he does it, I don’t know.


And he makes piles of fantastic plugins that are freely available to all of us.


/me blushes - Thanks for the flowers.

My significant other agrees about the not getting angry part, which makes her angry at times :slight_smile:

A key ingredient is described by a person that I admire, who wrote: How To Answer Questions in a Helpful Way.

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sounds very familiar… :smiley:

thanks for the link, i tend to burst into flames sometimes… hopefully i can work on this :smiley:

and yeah - thanks for the effort, both dev & support & whatnot!:slight_smile:

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