I’m all up in this Leopard release and Ardour is running but rather clunky. X11 seems to be in two places at once. Qjackctl will not start jack. Once I start X11, Ardour starts and will fire jack up. Ardour records fine and seems stable, but the interface is all slow and feels “clunky.”

Anyone else stupid enough to upgrade to Leopard and try Ardour? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Actually, it has been pretty smooth for me. What do you mean X11 is in two places at once?

Upon the upgrade to Leopard, I am now no longer able to see osX applications(ie. itunes & Safari) in my qjackctl or jackpilot!!! Has anybody else tried these apps after upgrading to leopard?

Please Help…


more people have encountered this. the following
is from the jackosx users group: