LEFT frequency = RIGHT frequency + 4 Hz ; is it possible?


Is it please possible to change the frequency of a sound on this way :

LEFT frequency = RIGHT frequency + 4 Hz ?

Talking about synths I assume in this case? It would depend on the capability of the synth in question really. That is something determined by the synth.


There may be a pitch shifter plugin which can do that. I don’t remember the name right now, but I used a pitch shifter plugin at one time that could create two shifted outputs, and you could pan them separately, do something like shift down just a little and pan left, and pitch up just a little and pan right, to make an instrument or vocal sound larger and fuller. Maybe the plugin was “Autotalent,” but I’m not sure about that off hand.

Yea if we are talking about audio you can do it with a pitch shifter and some routing, but I was guessing they meant in the synth itself.


I guess we are talking about creating Binaural Beats… :wink:

Yes, laex, we are talking about that, and, Seablade, any mean is OK for me.

Chris, that’s very nice ; what you found would be perfect for me, but I please found only “Autophaser”, “C* AutoFilter” and “TAP Autoplanner”.

Thank you all ! :slight_smile:

If you find a way to generically transform any given audio material to Binaural Beats, please let me know. I also thought about that quite a while ago, but didn’t find a satisfying solution…

All those pitch shifters and autotune like effects don’t apply here, because “shift signal by 4 Hz” is no musically logical operation (+4 Hz for a very low sound can mean to shift one octave up, +4 Hz for a high pitched sound doesn’t alter much…)!

One thing that comes kinda close to the idea could be Bode frequency shifter of the SWH plugin collection… But then again I don’t think that it is able to operate precisely enough for this very special purpose…

For explanation (in short): For Binaural Beats you want a stereo signal with some sound on the right channel and some sound on the left channel that result in e.g. a 4Hz-Sinus-Signal when summed…

Here’s an analog circuit that can do that:

You might be able to find a plugin that does that, or write your own, or cobble several together.

The more experienced radio operators might recognize it as a single-sideband (SSB) modulator, so that can become a search term as well.

I think it’s important to make the distinction between a frequency shifter and a pitch shifter. They are not the same thing. A pitch shifter is a frequency multiplier, where a frequency shifter is a frequency adder. That distinction makes a big difference in musical scales and harmonic content.

I decided to go back to special software like Gnaural for my experiments with altered states of mind… (And yes, I know that is not exactly what you wanted - but at least it produces reliable results that even qualify for clinical use cases, and I think exact results are wanted here…) :wink:

That’s what I wanted to say - only in better wording… Thanks! :sweat_smile:

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