left and right arrow key action

Some time recently, I think with the release before the one that’s just come out, I’ve seen a change in the action of the cursor left and right keys.
In the editor window, they used to take the playhead to the nearest region bound; now, they seem to seek to a location found by some sort of transient detection algorithm (and I get a warning popup about it)
It may be that I’ve inadvertently changed something, but if that’s the case I can’t see how to change it back and the keyboard mapping window doesn’t even show the arrow keys as having any function.
If the answer’s in the manual, I’ve been looking in the wrong place…

I’m going to follow this up with some expansion/clarification:
First, several other key bindings don’t work like they used to. Two examples which I’m used to using:
Ctrl/Del doesn’t delete the last recorded take.
Ctrl/Z doesn’t undo the last edit.
Both actions are available from the Edit menu, but that’s less convenient.

Second, the key bindings menu doesn’t offer the “Edit” menu in its list of places to attach key bindings, so I can’t rectify the above problems.

This is Ardour 3.5.308 installed from the download on this site, on AV Linux 6.0.2

Have the key bindings changed (not documented anywhere I can see) or is there a configuration issue that could cause this?

There have been no changes to the keybindings in many months, perhaps even years. Check to see if you have a .bindings file in ~/.config/ardour3 and if so remove/rename it.

Thanks Paul, sanity is now restored :slight_smile: