Leaving Ardour and Linux

A while ago I posted a really thorough set of points for improving Ardour here and all I got in return was incredulous defensiveness from Paul. Then I was just flat out ignored while he hid behind the clock so the post ran out of time. Pathetic.

I don’t expect the red carpet, but at least acknowledge the time I’ve spent as a user to challenge you… oh but you want placated users that just bend over for daddy Paul right? You’re only happy to take the excuse of not enjoying my tone, but the truth remains the same whether I speak nicely or not. Funny thing is, I’d bet my left testicle you wouldn’t take the advice even if I bought you flowers and tickled your butthole. You just don’t like being told you’re wrong, which you are btw… there are reasons beyond the obvious why adoption is so poor in Ardour and I detailed most of them. Jfc I even gave the same advice to Mixbus and their response was marginally better, albeit enthusiastic but they won’t implement anything.

Not entirely surprising, the state of this software and the Linux community in general… what an absolute waste of energy. Tired of having a shit sandwich every time I put energy into supporting the OS community. The problem is you don’t actually want to improve, you don’t want to be better. What you want is to be grumpy and jaded and protect some little corner of your fart box universe. Well, enjoy the smell!

Nothing to say other than I’ll be moving over to Pro Tools and Apple products, because they know how to respond to feedback and how to develop a good product that works and is intuitive.

Hope you fail, have a good one!

How much did you pay for Ardour in particular and for your Linux install in general?

Good luck getting the Pro Tools people to make the global changes you want to fit your particular workflow.

All the best and good luck in a wonderful live without wasting energy.
I’m pretty much happy here and will stay for a while - hopefully

This post contains ad hominem as well as expletive language which is not acceptable on this forum.

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