Leannan Sidhe - Mine to Love

Leannan Sidhe are a Seattle-area folk band; Mine to Love is their second album. It just hit Bandcamp today:

Mine to Love, by Leannan Sidhe, on Bandcamp: http://music.leannansidhe.com/album/mine-to-love

About 40% of it was recorded at PhantaSea Studio in Oregon, using ProTools; about 60% was recorded at Supervillain Studios (my studio), in Ardour. Tracks recorded in Ardour were comped and timed in Ardour as well. Mixing and effects were done in both; in particular, the broken-church-bells-across-a-moor sounds in “Voiceless” started out as acoustic guitar plucking before I chewed on it with varous Ardour plugins. :smiley:

I’m pretty bummed that my favourite track (“King of Elfland’s Daughter”) isn’t streamable because of rights reasons, but everything else is. :slight_smile:

Performing on this album: Shanti Singleton, Alexander James Adams, Betsy Tinney, Mickey Phoenix, S.J. Tucker, Rob Lindfors, Dara Korra’ti (j0! I ended up doing some percussion and the like), Sunnie Larson, and Wednesday Phoenix. This is the Extra-Bonus Oversized XXL version of Leannan Sidhe, which is normally like a three-piece. Things got out of hand f’srs. XD

Actually? I mostly agree with you about the brightness. But Leannan Sidhe do not - they like the darker, more closed sound, and every time I would start to bump up the high end a little bit, they’d want it tamped back down. Alexander James Adams down at PhantaSea (who had final mixes) was pretty much on their side too. It’s a specific artistic choice. Similarly, I’d’ve had a couple of effects and sounds have much wider fields than they do in the final mix; I’m more adventurous in some ways, I think, than the band.

I can’t take any credit for arrangements; I wish I could, but those were all Shanti. No, I lie; on Once More, the minimalist one with vocals and percussion and noisemakers, I can. I’m basically everything on that track after songwriting and vocals, both of which are of course again Shanti. But I do really apprecaite the comments on the harmonies, because a lot of the closest (see again Voiceless in particular) were recorded, comped, edited, and mixed by me at Supervillain Studios. (In Ardour, of course. :smiley: )

I will relay your approval to the band too; they were getting adventurous in many ways here, and they’ll appreciate hearing from people who like the result. :slight_smile: Thank you!


Wow this is really great production of a unique artist, nice job! Beautiful arrangements and harmonies. Great work!

After listening to a few tracks a couple of things come to mind (intended constructively) I’d like to hear a gentle cut in the 250-400hz range as there are some lower mids that muddy the cellos, bass acoustic guitar strings and lower male harmonies, also I’d like to hear a ‘brighter’ Reverb and a litlle more of it everywhere. I’m not a big Reverb fan but I find it really suits this quasi-Celtic type of material…

Anyway please take those comments as minor, this is truly a very impressive production! :slight_smile: