Layout Icon Nano Controller

Hello everyone,

has anyone experience with the Icon Nano Platform especially concerning the layout map?

Basic functionality works so far but i haven’t found an overlay that matches all functions with the multi-purpose-buttons so i’m running blind on most buttons.

One litte side-issue … clicking a track is only recognized by the Nano controller if the track is within the current bank. Same issue when i use the scrub wheel to move through the tracks. The tracks get selected inside Ardour but the Nano won’t pick up the track data if it is outside the bank that Nano is set to.

Any hint is apreciated.


Hi there.

Ah, the monstrosities of yet another MIDI controller that users Mackie Control but thinks it needs to be customized for each DAW.

What device type have you tried so far (in Ardour’s control surface support options) ?

It is likely to be faster if you come visit us on IRC ( and I’ll try to help you work this out (best is daytime US Mountain time (GMT-7)).

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Hey Paul,

yes it’s ridiculous, this thing has overlays for lot’s of DAWs and every single one differs in the button mapping. I bought the Nano to replace my Frontier Alphatrack because it’s MCU mode was pretty much useless and i thought, Icon would have a serious MCU implementation. What the fluff!

Since i just got it i just tried the Mackie Control -> Icon Qcon Pro. Maybe using another type could solve the side issue with the track selection!? For what i discovered so far, it seems that the buttons do something, but most buttons habe 5(!) different assignment layers so figuring out each button-function with try and error would be not optimal.

I’ll try out a little more and will then be happy to get to you via IRC.

And having the man himself here: Thanks for all the work, Paul! Ardour is a great piece of software. Since the full latency compensation it’s my main DAW now.

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