Layering kick drum samples


I’m trying to layering 3 audio tracks in one in order to get a new kick sample to use later.

How can I do that please.

In audacity you got an option like mix and render to new track is there something equivalent in Ardour?

Many thanks for your answers.

Hello again,

I maybe have a solution. I have created a new audio track.
click right -> input -> Ardour tracks and tick all the tracks i want
other -> untick jack to remove the noise
then i click record on that new audio track.
then record in a loop on the main menu
does it sound right?

Yes, thats usually called bouncing, and its the method I would suggest.

Typically in audacity everything is destructive. Once you mix the waveforms, you can’t go back and change something on one of them. Ardour does most everything non-destructively so you can always go back and change something later. If you really don’t need to change something, you can bounce it and disable the original tracks. And then if later you do decide to change something you can do so and bounce again without having to undo everything.

thank you for your answer. It took me , believe it or not, hours to understand how that works! I’ve got finally a kick sample. Still not the one I want but I’m getting there. :wink: