Layered gain adjust Q

So I think I read a post quoting somewhere that MixBus and Ardour were basically the same editor, but maybe a few functions named differently - like the “Smart Mode” in mixbus for instance isn’t named that in Ardour, but seems to work the same way. So, trying to pick up some tricks, I watched this video: Around the 19 minute mark, they show how to highlight a section of a region, and drag the gain for that section up or down. And you can layer several of these, etc. This is not the automation gain curve, as they point out. This is really slick and a great feature. However, I can not seem to figure out how to do that with Ardour [3a6]. Is it possible? Any thoughts. Thanks!

@lhm: right click on the region, go to its menu, and make the envelope active and visible. then you’ll be able to do either exactly the same or almost the same thing. these envelopes are hidden and inactive by default; their initial state is unity gain (0dB) across the region.

I believe this specific feature lhm100 is talking about is one that Harrison recently introduced in Mixbus and it doesn’t seem as if it is backported to any vanilla version of Ardour, yet. But I agree that it would be nice to have it in A3 as well.

So I think CLA is correct, as there is no way to have the 4 control points automatically added to the gain curve when a part of a region is selected. In fact, the process of adding those 4 points is quite painful - as you need to get the mouse positioned exactly on the gain line, and far enough away from another point, and then drag them in and set them. The functionality demoed in mixbus would be very very welcomed. I suspect comping a vocal track would take me less than 1/5 the time with the new interface.

@Paul. What is the name for the functionality/feature described above… I’d like to look for a feature request for it in Mantis, and add it if it’s not there. Guess it’s really a backport, not a feature. Maybe it’s already in A3 and I don’t know what it’s called.
Or if you know it’s there, let me know… If not, what should I call it…


There is no specific name for it, chances are I would call it range based automation editing or something similar, as that describes what it is primarily.


is there any chance that this feature will be added to A3 eventually?? (i would call it Range Based Gain Adjust) i think it is quite important since it eases a lot of work without messing with any automation track which takes extra space in the editor… pretty fast editing for vocal tracks, also would help a lot with drums, fast rising gain on a sloppy kick for example…

I just tested A3B3 for a minute and saw the smart button and the (i don’t know its name…) tool that lets you put the transport bar just before the region you select, those work great in mixbus, i hope you guys can bring to A3 a lot of those GUI improvements.

A3B3 is great btw… thanks devs!

fernesto: possibly it gets added next week. if not, then the week after.