Launchpad Pro faders

Hi Ardour forum,

Looking forward to trying Ardour 8 and saw the comment about the Launchpad Pro and its fader design.

It watched a video or two, and I get the gist. Can this actually be used for mixing? Slide your fingers up and down the row of buttons to adjust your track/bus levels?

I keep hanging my nose over DAW controllers with faders or motorised faders. Is this thing actually a workable alternative for that sort of work?

I could maybe also use the thing to help program drums if it works with Hydrogen and Drumgizmo.

My feeling using it during development was that it was certainly workable, mostly because of the addition of “tap to set” (i.e. you don’t have to pull/push/slide, you can just say “put it <here>”. However, workable doesn’t mean as good as “actual faders”.

Interesting, is it just doing 1-8 levels of volume adjustment then, or do you mean you can say, hit the 8th button hard to get 100% or soft to get 80% volume?

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