Launching Novation Ultranova plugin


I am running Ardour 4 on Mac OS X and own a Novation Ultranova synth.

The synth has been installed (driver, librarian and Automap) and when in Ardour I can create a new MIDI track selecting the ‘UltraNova Editor’ as the instrument, but I can’t see how to actually launch the UltraNova Editor from Ardour to alter the settings?

Am I missing something really simple here?

You need to make a mixer strip for the track visible. Either show the mixer window, or the editor mixer strip (and then select the track)The plugin will appear there. You can either shift-click the plugin “bar”, or right click it and select “Edit”.

Thank you, I’ve now managed to get the Novation plugin to load in Ardour and work perfectly. It also turns out that I need to select a ‘MIDI & Audio’ combined track as the plugin doesn’t create any audio, it only controls the synth.

Thank you again, you’ve saved me a lot of time.