launchcontrol xl midi controller

So I have a novation launchcontrol xl and I’d like to use it with Ardour. I have Ardour4 (ardour 4.6.0). I’m using NoLaE ( to handle the keymappings and a2jmidid to pass the physical changes to ardour. In the Ardour software I’ve selected the launchcontrol xl in the midibindings optioin in preferences and in the midi tracer I can see my changes being read by ardour. But, none of what I want to have happen is happening, ie changing control surface controls does nothing in Ardour. I’m clearly missing something basic and I don’t know what that is. I’ve done tons of searching on google for solutions and guides on how to setup midi controllers in ardour and I’m getting no where. Can anyone suggest a good basic guide to configuring a midi controller with ardour?

I greatly appreciate any input/feedback on things to try or resources to read up on this kind of stuff. Thanks a ton in advance!