Launch key mini mk3 compatibility

simple question. is the Novation launch key mini mk3 compatible with ardour. there surprisingly isnt alot of info about this. im just starting and i think this is the first midi controller i want to get. i’ve looked at the minilab mkii and the MPKmini mkiii. and the launch key mini just seems to be the best value. i just don’t want to buy it only to end up finding out that i cant use it with ardour.

If your OS supports it and the launch-key shows up as MIDI device, Ardour can use it.

I expect the keyboard, pads, bender and modulation will work out-of-the-box (send MIDI note events) and the rotary knobs can be used for MIDI learn.

The Rec/Play transport controls may need special attention. There is a dedicated MIDI map for the Launch-key 25 which may also work for the mini mk3, or could be modified (remove the buttons that are not present, change ctrl IDs as needed):

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