Latest version crashes all the time on latest win10

It doesn’t matter on which of my 5 systems. It runs a while, and then you do “anything” and it crashes noisefully.

Sorry, but this is unacceptable in professional production. I switched back to my other DAW.

I’m sorry to hear that. Since it works well for many others Is there anything that those 5 systems of yours have in common?

Would you mind checking if there are some crash reports in %localappdata%\Ardour7\CrashLog\ ?

Is there anything that those 5 systems of yours have in common?

Not really. I have Intel, AMD, and a set of different audio devices.

I already unstalled it and switched back. I wanted to use it for broadcasting.

You bothered to go through the trouble of registering an account just so you could tell the world that Ardour crashed, that you thought it was unacceptable and that you uninstalled it and switched back to your other DAW?

Nice, that you would instantly assume that I am a hater. I’m a subscriber and will still keep paying.

Have a nice day!

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I didn’t say you were a hater; I just wondered why you bothered to register an account to post an “Ardour crashed” comment when you don’t want to investigate why it crashed for you .

Just saying that it crashed and that’s unacceptable isn’t benefiting anyone, so one does wonder why you felt the need to do just that.

Lots of people can testify to the professionalism of Ardour and its developers.
That’s why Robin asked for the crash log; to see if there is some bug in the program that they can fix or if there’s something strange going on with your particular setup.
The fact that it works for most people but apparently crashes on all of your 5 systems would indicate the latter.
Maybe there’s even a known workaround for the crashes, but that’s impossible to know given the lack of specific information.

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Maybe all you have to do is to check “buffered I/O” in the audio setup, as mentioned in Ardour unable to start, just vanishing [solved]

I’m a developer myself. I just don’t have the time at the moment to take an entire broadcast system down again to install ardour for testing purposes. Again.

I tested ardour on other machines and it did it’s job, but not on our broadcast machines. We use JACK with JACK-router and ASIO-Interfaces. Ardour acts as mixer in our scenario. And due to the lack of professsional Linux broadcast software, we can’t enterirely switch to Linux. But I try to replace every proprietary piece of soft and hardware with Open Source.

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