Latest Tune: "Tadaina"

Put this together using the 6.0 pre’s and rc’s. Really like where things are headed. Especially in the MIDI department.

Any rate, tried to do something a little more “up” than my usual fare with all this depressing virus crap going on… :frowning:

Hope you like it, and as always – thanks for listening!


Hi! @cchoowee

Nice work! What a big full sounding mix! The crunch on the rhythm guitars is gorgeous and I love how that snare pokes through the mix. The leads are very fluid and tasty as always (lol I seriously need to get some lessons!)

My only observation is some weirdness in the low mids where the low string ‘chug’ of the rhythm guitars meet the bass… there seems to be a frequency where the bass picks up a resonant tone and muddies up the low mids a bit. When you’re doing the high bass runs they can be heard clearly but they aren’t ‘round’ and then at a certain register the bass gets very round. In mixes like that I try and do a 3db cut at about 250-300hz and that often cleans up muddy bassy tones.

Anyway, minor nitpick… It’s a great tune and a great mix!

Thanks @GMaq!

Yeah, I know what you’re talking about. I was going nuts with the guitar layering (as I tend to do) and was having trouble with the bass fighting not only all the guitars, but the kick as well. I cut around 100hz on the bass to help the drums poke through, but yeah the bass is still fighting the guitar. Hmm, I will have to give the 250-300hz -3db a try. Thanks for the tip.

As always, thank you for your continued comments and giving it a good listen. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how you’re recording the bass, I’m assuming it’s lined in? Something I started doing a while ago (and it seemed to be counter-intuitive) was using the built-in Ardour high-pass/low pass plugin and high-passing the bass at about 100-120hz on the track the bass is on only. My thought was man don’t do that it’s a bass! Never take bass away from a bass! But it actually cleaned up all the subby stuff and made the bass sit in the mix very nicely and increased the impression of power in the tone, if you were miking a bass cabinet the mic would have some natural low end rolloff so I found simulating that with the high pass helped a lot, it also avoids cutting frequencies away from the kick and allows the kick some nice room at the bottom.

Please don’t think I’m trying to be a know-it-all, I’ve just struggled with some of the same bass issues…

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Yeah, bass seems to always be a PITA for me to get to sit right in the mix. Yeah most times my bass is DI. I have done cuts at certain frequencies on the bass before, and some low shelves at around 30-40Hz to help with rumble but never a straight high-pass around 100. Yeah, I agree counter-intuitive as I usually am high-passing most other tracks to give the bass more room. Interesting…

Hmm, thanks for the insights. :slight_smile:

What a nice tune, I really enjoyed it a lot :slight_smile: Is there going to be some vocals on top of it or is it going to stay instrumental ?

About the low end: I think I heard a low synth pad there and I suspect that it, guitars and bass are occupying too much of the same frequencies. I think the pad might be the biggest cause of muddiness. It might help to play the pad on a higher octave or try a brighter sound for the pad. Cutting some of the guitar bass frequencies away probably would help also. The most muddiness seems to happen in the center of the sound field so spreading things out a little more might also help.

That said the composition and the big picture works very well. Great work, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Great guitar tone, you have a knack for that layering, very punchy and clear. I think I also hear something off with the bass, but I would surely be in trouble too finding room for all that guitar bottom end AND the bass :sweat_smile:

Hi @mhartzel,

Thanks for listening! Yeah I had tried different synth sounds and playing higher, but just wasn’t working out like I wanted. Yeah, the bass and low guitar frequencies are fighting each other, but I want it all… :slight_smile:

Hi @bluebones,

Thanks for listening! I keep plugging at it.