Latest Creation

Hello all.

It’s been a rather long time since I actually got anything finished and posted online. As I’m struggling to get some quite time at home to record vocals for my the two “serious” (are any of my tracks serious?) recordings I am doing, so in a fit of “I want to release somehting” rage, I recorded this little instrumental number. To a certain extent it served as a bit of an excercise in how to use synths and fiddle about with the takes. Anway, here it is:

For those interested heres some info on my set up:

  • Maudio delta 66 OMNI soundcard
  • BOSS GT6 pedal DI straight into the card
  • BOSS Behringer BDI21 straight into the card for bass
  • Drums are Hydrogen
  • All performed, recorded, mixed, cut, binned, extracted from bin again, shouted at, screamed at, subjected to hex, apologised to and exported by me using the very sweet Ardour 3.5.403.
  • Plugins included:
    calf 5 band eq
    A seriously over the top number of Invada high and low pass filters
    A smattering of LinuxDSP DYN500 and SR2B
    A helping of IR with some impulse responses for general ambience and the ridiculous drum verb.

I also used a more than reasonable helping of the Yoshimi banks and a shameles amount of Phasex.

Hopefully people will enjoy it. Please feel free to give any suggestions on ways to improve (I’m sure I need it).