I managed to configure an almost perfect latency setup. So i could record very well. But then when i had imported a video into my projekt, the latency was as worse as before. Any Idea how to fix this?

Hi, If you are using a video, how does latency cause you a problem,
does sound play back slowly, does the sound loose sync with the frames,
does the sound and frames play back slowly.

I had trouble playing back video in a video editing program, but this was fine
as none of the stuttering would show up when rendered, none the less if your computer
has low resources it will cause latency with video playback in a daw or video editor.

Others will come along with more experience than me, am new to Ardour and only get to
try it a little yet.

I have not clear if it is the same it happens to me.

I have no problem with that, but the video (images) and the audio goes to different speeds.

After several troubleshooting, I realize it was not an ardour problem, but a problem in my graphinc configuration. I have 2 different monitors in two graphic cards. One of them has not graphic acceleration. If I put xjadeo in the another monitor, no problem.