Latency free overdubbing

I’ve written a short article describing how I set up JACK and Ardour for latency free overdubbing.

I post the link here in hope that it might be useful to someone else as well:

Excelent article on how to correctly setup jack so latency is less of an issue, this is pretty much how it did it but after reading many threads and posts about it.

Its not that much of a surprise that theres not really much of a difference when using headphones and a mice, the distance between the headphones and mic is so close that the time it takes for the sound to reach the mic is in fractions of a millisecond since sound travels at 343 metres per second. in 1/100th of a second sound has travels 5cm.

now my math is rubbish, so if my figures are out, sorry but im sure im close.

Interestingly enough though, on my system using the internel sound card, jack delay suggested using 11 when using 256 samples at 2 buffers. This gives me 5.8ms latency in jack which funily enough i can hear the latency which is odd. but if theres 11ms second both ways then im probably hearing the combined latency and not actually detecting 5ms.

I havnt tested it since i setup the in out delay, but with using software monitoring theres no way to comensate from hearing the real signal and what is being passed back to headphones.

As far as overdubbing, im pretty happy that its close enough that i cant tell that anything is going out when overdubbing. Latency compensation seems to be doing its job pretty well.

latency could also be a cause of phase issues but thats a whole different article.

Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed reading this.