latency compensation

Hey guys!

I’m using ardour with my zoom h2 as an audio-interface. Because of latency issues, I use the zoom’s hardware monitoring. My drum tracks are created with hydrogen. However, no matter how tight I record guitar parts through the zoom, it’s st not exactly on the drum’s track beats. I always have to move the recorded sections - this sucks. I tried the latency compensation with jack, but it’s not satisfying.

Is it because of the zoom h2 and would a rme card work better?
I’m close to get me some hardware stuff (mixer, hd-recorder). I wanna make music and not setup a computer all the time.

Hope, there are any good suggestions for me out there!



hey boesebande,

the zoom h2 is for sure not the best option. i run ardour with a rme hammerfall and have no issues with latency compensation. but to solve your problem you should probably use the irc channel and ask there.