Latency Compensation issues

I have been using Ardour for a long time and have never had issues like this before until I started using version 6.3. I use jack_iodelay to set the latency values for Jack via qjackctl. Before, using versions 3 to 5, Ardour would always compensate for latency as soon as I finish recording. However, version 6.3 does not compensate until I save and reload the project. What is the cause, and how do I fix this?

It’s a JACK specific issue that started with Ardour 6.3. Easiest way is to not use JACK, but use Ardour/ALSA instead.

Some users reported it fixed in Ardour 6.6.:

Yoooooo it’s Robin Gareus! Thanks for the reply! I love your plugins!
I just subscribed and downloaded version 6.6. Latency issue is gone for both importing and recording new tracks. Thank you.

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