Last dialog continuously reappears

Using Ardour-3.9999, the last dialog I used repeatedly opens itself back up.

Is this a known bug? Or does this have absolutely nothing to do with Ardour?

In case this is related, the open session command doesn’t show up as ctrl-o, it shows up as XF86PowerOff. I have never seen that on any other machine I’ve ever used. I’m using an HP ProLiant DL145 G2.

@audiodef: its a known bug. Please do not report issues with Ardour 3.0 here. This version of ardour is not even in beta release. If you’re going to mess around with it, you need to discuss issues on IRC or the bugtracker (the latter means that we don’t forget it). Thanks.

downgrading to 2.9999

What on earth is Ardour-3.9999 and Ardour-2.9999 ? Ardour 2 is a 2.8.7 and Ardour hasn’t been released yet, not even in beta form !

@chrisg: its the numbering scheme that gentoo uses to refer to svn-based builds.

ah, ok. I can see that logic now.

@chrisg: That had me confused too for a while - but that’s not difficult :slight_smile: