LASH support with Ardour2?

I am completely new to the linux audio world, but I’ve been reading up a bit and it all sounds pretty impressive.
I read about LASH and was wondering if LASH support has now been added with Ardour2.
Apart from that I can’t either find any good documentation on how to use LASH. I found documentation on how it functions, but all I would want is an HowTo that gives an example rundown of the steps to get your audio applications added to a LASH session to than later be able to recall the setup.
If anyone knows something like that or would be willing to explain the usage of LASH to me I’d be VERY greatfull.
On a totally different note: Ardour is one hell of an audio app. A big thank you to all of its creators.

Doesn’t anyone have at least a comment on this?
I’d already be happy with a “no” so that I can stop searching.

I show this on the LASH site:

More coming soon (support has been completed for Seq24, Meterbridge, and ZynAddSubFX, and is in progress for Ardour, among others)

So it sounds like it is in the works but not complete yet.