Laser Tag (Failed Video Game Theme)

I’ve been using Ardour for while now, and all my recordings have been made with Ardour, but this is the first one I post here.

My 12 year old son asked me to make a theme song for the laser tag video game he is making. He wanted it to be “sci-fi”, by which he seemed to mean 80s synth music. So, I took a shot at it. :slight_smile: Unfortunately, we agreed that it might not work well for the game, but we did like the song itself. Here it is: Laser Tag (Game Theme).

The song was sequenced using Muse, but mixing, recording, and mastering were all done in Ardour.

This a very different style from my usual songs. It’s my first (more or less) electronic style song, although being a progressive rock enthusiast, my songs do have a lot of synths in general. I usually am much more careful with details, humanization, and variation, but since it was going to be just some background music, I did not bother as much. And there is usually a lot more guitar in my songs, while this one has very little… (Not even a solo!) But despite all that, I do like how it turned out.

I used u-he (Zebra, Repro) and Zyn as synths, DrumGizmo drums (and plain FluidSynth electronic drums), and mostly LSP, OvertoneDSP, and u-he plugins.

Any suggestion or constructive criticism on the mix is always welcome, as I still struggle quite a bit with mixing…

Some more info in the Laser Tag entry of my music site.