"Las Cinco Disonante", arranged, produced, recorded and mixed with ardour


Wow! just wow! :slight_smile: love it <3

Glad you like it!! :slight_smile:
Thank you

Another impressive work! While I don’t know enough Spanish to understand Travis, the video offers subtex, aided by some reversed reverbs and sounds.

I like how you play with time both visually and audible.

Hope we can go back, forward to a new normal.

Thank you Robin, really glad to read you liked it.
Yes! Fingers crossed for the new normal, although we were lucky enough to play some concerts these lst months.

Really cool, good job! :slight_smile:

Glad you like it Philippe! Thank you!

My comment will lack any kind of objectivity because I am just a fan!!!
All the best, take care and hope to see you live as soon as possible ( I know I say that in all my comments, but I really think you have all the requirements to make a good career in music if it is in your plans)

So nice to hear that, Oliv. I really celebrate you like it. Thank you very much!
I replied to your youtube comment with an english translation of the lyrics.


Yes I saw you gave the translation!!
I know it is useless to hurry things,and I am sure we will be back in “cool days” but as soon as you play here in France let me know!!!
And in the time between , hold on offering us creations with your nice group and your super singing Lady …Before the industry of “cinema” hooks her😉!!!
In France we had a cool duet called " The Dø" with Olivia Merilahti and Dan Levy , they were somehow close to what you do( though in a different style) and for some reasons they split , Dan Levy carries on in music production and Olivia Merilahti did some appearences in some films and went back to music, but it is not the same !!! I somewhat miss this group …
Sorry sorry to be loud( “relou” in french) but I have the feeling you are on an edge in your “career” and I hope things wil go for you in a way that I can hear you more and more( yes , selfish sayings :joy:)

Yes! I’m actually a fan, I discovered them through “Stay”, I loved the song and I loved her voice, but when I discovered what she’s really singing about I found it brilliant. Dark humor! She’s kind of Finnish, right?
I understand they were a couple, it’s hard when professional and personal life intersects like that. I know that.

We will release another “single” before ending February (the videoclip is almost done) and then the full album, I finished the last touches a week ago and to be honest I’m on a (very needed) break right now. Luckily, I found climbing and right now I’m totally absorbed and obsessed by it :slight_smile:

Thank you again for your super kind words, there’s nothing more rewarding that someone enjoying the music.

I saw your title: « Claroscuro » …
Just beautiful a lot to say about it…

Thanks again Oliv, much appreciated!
The whole album is out in three days.