Laptop Interfaces?

What is everyone using for their audio interface for laptop work?

I’m looking for something with at least two, preferably four analog audio inputs (two XLR, two TRS). I’m particularly interested in the Presonus Firebox.

The firebox works quite well under linux…
There isn’t a mixer interface (yet - work on this currently just past the planing stage) so you can’t access the 12Db boost on the input channels - but other than than everything works great and the latency is excellent too. Sound Quality is great.

Ironically it is bus powered for everything but a laptop since most laptops only have 4 pin firewire connector… You could get around this by buying a pcmia firewire adapter with the 6pin plugs.

EDIROL FA-101 works also very well,
it has 10 in / 10 out, two Mic Inputs, sounds good and has very low latency.

I use an acer 1502 notebook with pcmcia 1394 interface, gentoo 2006.1, kernel 2.6.19-rt15, rtirq script, jackd version 0.102.20, freebob version 1.0.0, ardour2 from svn… and since yesterday also the frontier tranzport controller.
It is not easy, to get it all to work, but if Your’e done, it is worth it :slight_smile:

You might want to have a look at the “Edirol UA-25”. It has 2 channels, phantom power for XLR and runs from USB power (which sometimes is a big plus). I have that card and it worked very well so far.

Alternatively the FA-66 could be your choice if you have firewire. Don’t know if it runs without an external power supply. I have no experience with the Presonus Firebox, but it looks good aswell.