Laoding .vst3 file - yet again


New Ardour user here, I was installing vst plugins (from vst4free).
Unfortunately some of them were only .vst3 files and Ardour seems to scan only for .dll files.
Since, I don’t know how the internals of Ardour and I didn’t find anything on the subject I had to ask.

Is it possible to load .vst3 files into ardour ?

Yes, since Ardour 6.5. Ideally you’d use 6.6 which contains various fixes for VST3 plugins.

Note the VST3s should be installed the dedicated paths as specified by Steinberg: VST 3 Interfaces: VST 3 Locations / Format

For VST3s, the opposite is true. Ardour only looks for *.vst3 files and bundles.

Perhaps you were thinking of VST2 (which are .dll files)?

Ah! Didn’t know about that. I moved the misplaced files and it works now, thanks

Too bad for my custom directory for VSTs…
The interface let us think that we can add a custom directory even for vst3 but that doesn’t work :confused:

For the last part it’s just that there’s no log for the vst3 plugins’ load.

Great to hear that!

You should be able to do that for VST3 in Ardour 6.6 (there was a bug pertaining to that in the 6.5 release).

Yet, one of the great things about VST3 is that there is a dedicated folder for plugins that all audio applications can default to. One fewer configuration step, and things can just-work.

Compare that to Apple macOS/X: the path for all plugin standards has always fixed. Things just worked and most users don’t even know or care where they are.

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