LaMa - LaMarcia (Weird Electro Funk Rock)

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to share with you the first track of the LaMa Sound Studio music project, a project I created with a friend of mine. We created our music project aiming at producing music “as we think it”, using only FOSS.
I just wanted to say a heartleft “Thanks a lot!!!” to all of you which - with all the useful answers to my questions, helped me to figure out how to overcome all the difficulties I had to face during the creation of the track. So… THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!
I also wanted to thank the staff of AV Linux and LMMS and, more generally, the teams behind all the FOSS, their creations helped us a lot to express what we had in mind!

No more talking, here’s the track, hope you enjoy it!


Hi! Nice work!

Great mix and well recorded! I like the ‘motion’ of the groove, it has a great feel! Thanks for sharing!

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What a wonderful feedback for my first mix!

I really did my best, but without your help, guys, I certainly wouldn’t make none of this!