ladspa plugins hint?

i recently installed the 2.8.7 version. unfortunately i cannot seem to get any ladspa plugin to work. when i was running version 2.3.1 the plugins from the .dmg images worked fine. setting LADSPA_PATH or putting them in /usr/lib/ladspa does not have any effect. can someone give me a hint for what to do to get them to load (i erased the 2.3.1 version so i cannot revert, it did not run stable anyway.)

kind regards,

You mean the ladspa from the .pkg files? I don’t think either them nor Ardour was distributed via DMG(Ardour just started recently at 2.8.4 I want to say).

Ladspa plugins go in the /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/LADSPA folder IIRC. They can also be put directly into the plugin directory in the Ardour .app as well. I haven’t had issues loading them, but I haven’t tried 2.8.7 yet