LADSPA plugins gui

Hi! I’m one year working with ardour, but I work to with cubase SX, pro tools 7 and abelton live. I think that ardour is a very very good DAW. In my mind, ardour can be at the same level at pro tools but pro tools have midi suport, region editor like audacity and a very good gui for plugins. Ardour don’t have midi but you cant sincronize it with rosegarden or muse. ardour don’t have a “pencil” to edit the wave manualy but you cant export to audacity. Ardour don’t have a good GUI for ladspa plugins… I try VST in ardour it don’t work nice, very very slow, normal the wine emulation always is slow. I feel very confortable with the parametric EQ’s like EQ III of protools or cubase EQ because draws de eq curve, the equalitzation proces is more eficient and easy if you can see the eq curve and interactuate with it. I prupose to work with this and do a good gui for eq’s and for comprsesor with curve interactuation.

A lot of thanks and good job! ardour is very impresionant open-source project, strongly belive with ardour