LADSPA effects competition?

I’ve been browsing the forums and I’ve seen quite a few posts on LADSPA effects, namely people complaining that there are a limited number of very good or useful plugins.

I had an idea, Why doesn’t Ardour promote a competition for developing a set of professional plugins that could eventually be bundled with Ardour or something?

We can make different categories eg: EQs, Compressors, Reverbs, Amp Simulation, etc. and the community can vote on the best plugins for that section and each winner in each category is awarded a prize - I’m sure Paul won’t mind going without food for a little bit :wink:

So, what does everyone think? Hopefully it would create enough interest to get some really good LADSPA plugins and make Ardour even better than it already is. :slight_smile:

I like the idea in general. For me the main goal would be to bring the plugins more in mind.

I think its a better competition to make good sounds with the avaible plugins, because there are a lot of plugins avaible. But who knows them all and who knows whats good for what?
A competition will bring those plugins on the top which are capable of making good effects.
Those “good effects” will be avaible as presets I think, and that is one big thing, which isn’t avaible in the community.

I vote for presets for available plugins.

I like your idea L1nX!

as I already wrote in the plugin thread.

Ardour needs some basic plugins(EQ, Reverb, Compressor) that you can use just without trying many different settings or plugins for hours!

Cubase,… they all have plugins available from scratch that just work on first try. Perhaps not the best you can achieve but something to start with… And thats very important in my opninion.