Lack of Tutorial Videos

I am very surprised about the lack of tutorial videos for the continuing development of Ardour. Compared to the Reaper community Ardour is still in the dark which is a crying shame. The only videos I can find which are quite good but limited are by Unfa. Even doing online searches and reviews of Ardour, I find a rather large gap compared to the regular mainstream variety of DAW’s, Reaper included. From my point of view, I think Ardour can be a good contender for any of the DAW’s out there and troubles me why this DAW is just simmering under the radar! Perhaps lack of confidence by the creators or the Ardour community is still in the baby steps. Yes. I am a total newbie with Ardour, but for me, it caught my attention and its web page is very impressive so you have to realize why I was so surprised to find such a lack of reviews, views, information and videos about Ardour. A hidden GEM indeed, but too well hidden!!!

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