Kvlt drums plugin - Linux native?


I read that Ugritone has native Linux version of their drums plugins.

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Have any of you used this plugin under linux and Ardour? How is it working? Is this plugin stable or causing problems? Can you recommend it?


Aye I got 3 or 4 Ugritone drum kits. The plugin works fine on Linux and the samples / presets are generally really good quality.

I get some pop-ups when loading different sample sets and switching kits but I just click them away and carry on. Other than that it all seems to work as expected.


Thanks! I just bought some groove packs form Ugritone, and since they are compatible with MT Power Drumkit, I’m sticking with that for now. But I’ll give Kvlt Drums a chance for sure, someday :slight_smile:

I can confirm that they work on Linux (Linux VST&VST3). The quality is great and the customer service is good. They don’t advertise Linux compatibility at the moment, but once you’ve purchased them, they’ll appear on the download page alongside the Win and Mac versions. I encourage you to use it if you need a commercial drum plugin. Their 1989Verb is also very interesting.

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